Continuous Handrail for Luxury Retreat

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Continuous Handrail Scotland
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Continuous Handrail Scotland
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Haldane has supplied and installed bespoke continuous handrail manufactured from American Black Walnut for a luxury home in Auchterarder.

The project featured over 25 linear metres of handrails with a 76 x 56mm bespoke profile which rose through 2 storeys of the home.

The stunning sandstone staircase featured ornate metalwork balustrading and Haldane’s American Black Walnut handrail.

Haldane’s position as the UK's leading handrail manufacturers was clearly demonstrated as we delivered the smooth continuous flow of the handrail using a combination of sweeping wreaths, goosenecks, horizontal curves and transition pieces, culminating in a feature wreathed volute to the foot of the stair.

Haldane also ensured the timber handrail was finished to perfection by carrying out the French polishing with a tinted lacquer to deliver the luxurious finish that complements the interior design. 

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