What Makes Our Hardwood Handrails Unique?

3D Survey Timber Handrails
3D Survey Timber Handrails

What Makes Our Hardwood Handrails So Unique?

We have spent over 20 years honing our manufacturing process to deliver the perfect hardwood handrails.

During this period we have overcome countless challenges, identified the impossible designs (and made them achievable) and developed a unique approach to maximise the survey to installation process with virtually zero errors or re-makes.

But there are 6 reasons why our handrails so unique?

1.      We Only Use Premium Grade A Timber

If you want to create the best hardwood handrails, you have to use the best raw materials. This is why we never compromise on the quality of our timber.

This means we minimise the likelihood of shakes, knots and decay which can cause major issues for the handrail.

It also also ensures a stunningly beautiful finish.

2.      We Use 3D Digital Surveys

Our state of the art digital survey process provides microscopic levels of detail on every aspect of the project – right down to slight twists or irregularities in the metalwork or the knock on effect of site conditions.

This means we can machine our timber handrails with absolute accuracy and precision to ensure every component fits perfectly. And as we have a dedicated inhouse survey team as well as a network of surveyors, we can respond quickly to minimise lead times.

3.      Our Expert Programming Team

Our programming team play a critical role in taking the information provided by the survey and writing the programmes for our 5 axis CNC.

Not only does it mean we can achieve unrivalled accuracies to achieve the perfect finish to your timber handrail, it also means we can identifiy any potential issues and address them before the handrails get to site - at which point it may be too late or require significant onsite amendments.

 20 Years of 5-Axis CNC Expertise

We have  been delivering luxury handrails for over 25 years so we know a thing or two about what we are doing. We have also been called upon numerous times to rectify the mistakes of others in the last 25 years so we have also seen first hand what happens when it goes horribly wrong. So in addition to having the latest technology, we also have the skills, the expertise and the experience to be able to help, advise and most importantly deliver when it comes to handrails.

5.     Every Component Hand Finished to Achieve Haldane’s Quality Standard

We pride ourselves on delivering handrails with the smoothest finish and the utmost attention to detail. So before a component leaves our factory we ensure it has been hand finished, checked and double checked for accuracy. That is the Haldane way. It also means that we are confident every handrail that leaves our facility will fit first time, every time.

6.      In-house Installation Team

We are delighted to offer a full installation service to ensure the Haldane quality is maintained throughout the process - but we don't insist on it. We work with hundred of architectural joinery companies up and down the length and breadth of the country who enjoy the fact they are able to buy our superior quality handrails and install them themselves. It not only enables them to deliver a fantastic product to their clients, it also means they can focus on the parts of their service where they excel.

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