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Cross Banded Handrail Replacement
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Cross Banded Handrail Replacement
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Haldane UK has transformed the handrail of a Victorian home by replacing the existing handrail which featured missing sections of the cross banding with a solid handrail designed to provide an exact replica of the existing profile.

Cross banding was a technique used in Victorian and Georgian times to create a profile by fixing hardwood moulding to the top of the handrail, often to disguise the softwood core section.

However, the existing handrail was missing some sections of cross banding and due to the size and design of the moulded section as well as the French polishing required, it was more cost effective to replace the entire handrail.

After removing the existing handrail and digitising the core rail, Haldane manufactured and installed the solid timber profile measuring 67mm x 48mm a featuring a combination of straight and spiral handrail with a 90degree bend transition pieces and a raking to horizontal wreath. The staircase was finished with a wreathed volute.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “It can be relatively straight forward to replace sections of cross banding on straight handrail however, as in the case with this project, when trying to fix spiral sections and transition pieces, it can be more problematic and not achieve the desired level of finish.”

This view was also reinforce by the client who commented, “We are absolutely delighted with the results. We have an 1840 property and the rail looks like it has been there forever. In fact it is nicer than the original!”

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