Staircase Regulations for Commercial Property

Staircase Regulations Commercial
Handrails for Staircase Regulations Comercial
Staircase Regulations for Commercial Property

Handrail to Meet Staircase Regulations for Commercial Property

Haldane UK has manufactured and installed this Sapele Handrail for a property in Glasgow which had been converted from residential to an office development and therefore required to meet with the staircase regulations for commercial property.

As the staircase was 1300mm in width, way beyond the maximum width of 1000mm as specified under Part K of the Building Regulations which apply to commercial buildings.

Haldane manufactured the 70 x 58mm profiled handrails to match the existing handrail to run from the ground floor to the second storey.

To ensure the handrail remained continuous up each flight of staircase, Haldane used a combination straight and spiral handrail together with transition pieces and 90 degree raking to raking wreath.

The timber handrails were installed on brass brackets and featured profiled ends.

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