Haldane's unlimited capacity to manufacture stunning bespoke glazing beads can assist architects, interior designers and door manufacturers to make eye-catching features of their doors, whilst meeting the most stringent of safety standards.

From clouds to letters, to Charles Rennie Mackintosh style, to stunning flash effects, our capabilities have yet to be beaten.

To discuss your requirements contact our sales team. Our skills and equipment enable us to take your CAD generated drawings and reproduce them to the exact specifications and with unparalleled quality and finish. Contact our glazing bead manager to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke Glazing Beads
Security Glazing Beads


Haldane has developed a security glazing system for external doors which makes them virtually impregnable. The unique design means that even if an intruder manages to prize away from the external bead, the system prevents the glass and internal bead to be pushed through.

The security beading system is currently being used by a number of Local Authorities around the UK as well as by some major door manufacturers.

The system will meet both hour and half-hour fire rating and can be used for custom-designed beads as well as the sunburst style shown here.

For more information on the security beading system, contact our sales team.

‘‘The way you guys helped us through getting our metalwork right was brilliant.

And from templating  to fitting was second to none, I loved the way your handrail sections glided straight onto the metalwork with no fuss ’’

Bone Shaped Glazing Beads


Haldane UK remains the only manufacturer of glazing beads to be an approved components supplier under the BWF Certifire Scheme.

This provides you with the complete peace of mind that our beads will enable you to manufacture or modify a fire door and achieve the required fire safety standards.

Our focus on delivering market-leading products was first demonstrated by becoming the first and only manufacturer of timber glazing beads to have them tested to ensure they meet the rigorous standards of today's construction industry.

So whilst other glazing bead manufacturers rely upon door companies to carry out the testing, we are the only ones to have put our money where our mouth is to demonstrate the quality of our products.

Haldane's position as the UK's number 1 supplier of timber glazing beads means quality and service are guaranteed.

Bespoke Timber Windows and Bullseyes

Our ability to manufacture bespoke timber windows and bullseyes has grown from over our expertise in bespoke timber machining which spans over 65 years.

Our 3 axis and 5 axis CNC capabilities enable us to tackle virtually any specialist window project from gothic arched windows to 1300mm diameter bullseye windows.

To discuss your requirements contact our sales team now

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