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Haldane has manufactured and supplied bespoke handrails for a luxury home featuring Brazilian Mahogany, one of the world’s most expensive commercially available timbers.

As a highly rare timber, Haldane used its network of suppliers to source a stocks of Brazilian Mahogany from a company which was holding old timber stocks and therefore was able to demonstrate the integrity of its supply.

Haldane carried out the project on a supply only basis working closely with the architectural joinery firm which was manufacturing and installing the staircase and balustrades.

The bespoke profiled handrail follows the contours of the staircase which turns beautifully through 180 degrees. Beginning with a stunning wreathed volute, the handrail rises and turns to flow seamlessly into the atrium area where Haldane also manufactured the horizontal handrails and curves.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, commented “Quality and precision is absolutely critical when it comes to machining exotic timbers such as Brazilian Mahogany as any mistakes or slight imperfections can prove to be costly – or in this case, where any additional timber required would simply be unavailable.”

He continued, “We work with many specialist joinery companies on a supply only basis whether it’s manufacturing and supplying the complex aspects of the project, working with exotic and rare timbers or simply providing them with additional manufacturing capacity.”

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