Handrail Refurbishment London

Haldane UK has been commission to carry out a handrail refurbishment project for a luxury home in London.

The project is part of a larger fit-out project where Haldane is working on 2 separate staircases, however after consulting with English Heritage, the original handrail to the main feature staircase required to be refurbished as opposed to being replaced.

After carefully removing and assessing 18 linear metres and components of the existing handrail, Haldane produced a full report on each of the components to detail the level of work required and feasibility of full refurbishment.

As part of the assessment process, Haldane sanded the sections back to assess the true condition of the timber, stripping out the historic filler and preparing the handrail ready for installation and finishing on site.

With the handrail specification consisting of 14 coatings of ebonized black lacquer to achieve a highly polished finish, some broken sections of the handrails were unable to be refurbished.

Haldane therefore used their digital surveying technology to map the existing components to microscopic detail, before programming and machining exact replicas to deliver a smooth and authentic finish.

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