Handrail Scanning and Survey Technology from Haldane UK

Handrail Scanning and Survey Company
Handrail Scanning and Survey Company

Haldane continues to push the boundaries of timber handrail manufacturing by investing in the latest handrail scanning technology which not only provides an enhanced levels of survey detail but also enables the scanning process to be carried out in less time by Haldane UK’s inhouse survey team.

The company is continuously looking at ways to improve the accuracy and precision of its timber handrails, examining every element of the process which can compromise the overall quality of the finish.

Haldane has been using various methods of handrail survey techniques from the traditional plaster of Paris approach to fixed point digitisers and white light systems, however their latest investment in laser scanning technology has transformed their approach once again.

The scanning solution employs the latest laser technology used by some of the leading players in the Metrology measuring sector to gain new levels of detail and accuracy of any surface type and in any environment.
The HandySCAN system offers significant improvements over other systems including the ability to scan larger flights of staircases in one continuous survey, preventing any anomalies and errors in the scan from re-setting the survey position.
However the key benefit is the level of accuracy that can be scanned as well as the output data it then generates.
So whilst competitors systems scan to 100 micron, Haldane UK’s handrail technology achieves over 3 times the accuracy.
However the improved level of accuracy is multiplied by 10 times when it comes to the quality of mesh modelling which is exported to the design software.
The resolution of the mesh modelling is accurate to within 50 micron as opposed to opposed 500 micron on competitive systems.
Haldane UK’s handrail survey technology also features a unique calibration certification to guarantee the accuracy of the laser scanning technology as opposed to other competitive systems which simply provide an unverified accuracy statement.
Questions to ask your handrail manufacturer regarding their handrail survey equipment
  1. Does your handrail survey technology achieve an input data of 30 micron to maximise accuracy?
  2. Data does your handrail survey technology achieve a resolution of output of 50 micron to ensure the 3D model is as accurate as possible?
  3. Can you scan the surface area without any surface preparation?
  4. Will you be able to scan the entire staircase in one pass to prevent errors when joining the scan data?
  5. Can you use the scanning technology in direct sunlight or does it use white light which can result in washed out data in bright environments?
  6. When was the handrail survey equipment last calibrated?
  7. Can you provide calibration certification to prove the system you are measuring with is accurate?
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