Wooden Stair Treads for Major UK Contract

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Wooden Stair Treads With Anti Slip Brass Inserts
Wooden Stair Treads With Anti Slip Coating

Haldane UK has demonstrated their experience in manufacturing and installing wooden stair treads with its latest project which required them to machine over 100 treads featuring acid aged brass inserts and an anti-slip coating system.

Haldane used their timber machining expertise and their 5 axis CNC technology to create 24 No 28mm winder treads in European Oak measuring 1107mm long and 700 mm at their widest point.

The staircase also featured 84 No standard treads measuring 1107mm x 250mm.

All of the treads were treated with the Enduro XLA anti-slip coating system and featured 3 strips of 3 mm brass which had been acid aged to provide a contrast against the oak timber as well as to prevent slipping on the stairs.

Haldane also machined out 2 locator channels to the bottom of the tread to sit perfectly on the metalwork and provide added protection from any movement on the tread.

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