Turned Wooden Table Legs

Wooden Table Leg
Haldane UK have demonstrated the range of their timber machining skills by manufacturing 8  turned wooden table legs for a specialist joinery company which was making a table as part of a refurbishment contract.
Manufactured from American Black Walnut, each table measured 650mm in length and varied from 30mm in diameter to 155mm in diameter at its widest point.
The bespoke turnings were made complex by the combination of the square section to the top of the table leg, the large 155mm sphere and sheer volume of cutting to turn the large block size down to the 30mm end detail.
The project was completed by one of Haldane UK’s most experienced woodturners who brings over 30 years’ experience in specialist woodturning to achieve the level of quality and detail demanded by the project.
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Turned Wooden Table Legs UK from Haldane UK - The Specialist Bespoke Woodturners