Bespoke Glazing Bead Excellence

Bespoke Glazing Bead

Haldane UK has manufactured these stunning tear drop glazing beads in Ash for one of the UK’s leading door manufacturers

When it comes to timber glazing beads, Haldane UK has firmly established themselves as the market leader for service, quality and machining capability, whether it’s circular, elliptical or bespoke glazing beads.

And the company has once again demonstrated that it is the only company to turn to for specialist glazing beads with unlimited possibility and the unique ability to manufacture any shape or profile of any commercially available timber.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “The tear drop glazing bead is the latest addition to our extensive range of bespoke designs which also includes a bone shape, flags, letters, flashes and various unusual shapes.”

He continued, “The bespoke section is only one side of our glazing bead business and with the launch of our new fast track range, we now offer a complete service with a combination of quality, price and delivery times.”