Bespoke Glazing Beads for Children's Hospital

Bespoke Glazing Bead
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Haldane was contracted to create delicate elliptical glazing beads to be used in doors at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

These beads were a key part of the vision for the hospital, and had to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as withstand fire and X-ray tests.

Creating these beads for the hospital was a real test of Haldane's reputation for quality and precision.

The beads featured two overlapping elliptical beads. One was to be fully glazed, while the other was designed for overlaying the door.

The second elliptical bead, which overlays the door, was to be just 10mm thick. Not only did this complicate the machining process, but it meant that it had to be handled with the utmost care during polishing and sanding to avoid any damage.

The glazing beads are now in place in Birmingham Children's Hospital's MRI unit, and the doors featuring them have passed all necessary tests.

Managing Director of Haldane Forrester Adam said: "This project presented a unique set of challenges and I was delighted to see our team rise to the challenge.”

"It is also gratifying to see our work helping to improve the appearance of the MRI department of the Birmingham Children's Hospital. Hospital can be a scary place for children, and we are happy to have played a small part in brightening the place up."

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