Replacement Hardwood Handrail for Luxury Home

Hardwood Handrail

Haldane UK has transformed the staircase in a luxury home by replacing the traditional cross banded handrail with a new profiled hardwood handrail.

The client was refurbishing the entire home and was looking to return the staircase to its former glory with a helical handrail which was an exact replica of the original.

After carrying out a full 3D survey of the core rail, Haldane UK manufactured the Sapele handrail measuring 70 x 57mm with an elegant traditional profile which twists through 180 degrees before levelling out on the first floor landing.

Haldane used their expertise in 5 axis CNC machining to manufacture the spiral handrail, transitions and 90 degree to horizontal wreath which flowed seamlessly into the straight handrail before finishing perfectly with the wreath volute.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained, “The biggest challenge with these types of projects is ensuring the profile on the handrail is maintained whilst it twists through the spiral and the complex components.”

He continued, “We have continued to invest in our CNC technology from the software at the front end through to our latest 3D Automated Technology which has transformed our levels of precision and capacity.”

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