Haldane Delivers a Timber Machining Masterclass for London’s Most Exclusive Gym

London Handrails
Haldane UK has once again demonstrated its luxury timber machining expertise by delivering one of the most complex staircase cladding projects in its 75-year history for Equinox Gym in Bishopsgate, London.
Working in conjunction with Cre8 Joinery Solutions, one of the UK’s leading specialist joinery companies, Haldane UK were asked to carry out the timber cladding and bespoke handrail for the three-storey feature staircase.
The major challenge was the cladding of the metal balustrade, which uses finned sections of stainless steel that gradually change in angle from zero to ninety degrees.
This gives the impression of the balustrade opening and closing as you move up and down the stair.
While the cladding of the 850 finned sections was relatively straight forward, the change in the finned balustrade's direction meant the base rail had to be designed and machined with a split section to fit together perfectly on-site and create a seamless finish.
This required all of Haldane’s expertise, from the precision 3D laser scanning from our inhouse survey team to the design expertise to create the optimum timber solution and components required.
Once the design proposal was approved, Haldane UK’s market leading accuracy and precision in timber machining were demonstrated to its full potential. 
Haldane was also responsible for manufacturing and installed over 120 linear metres of bespoke timber handrail capping to finish the three-story feature staircase to perfection as well as the base capping to the underside of the stair.
With a chunky 115mm x 70mm profile, the Haldane UK’s inhouse team carried out the full 3D survey of the metal balustrade to ensure its handrail fitted perfectly onto the metalwork and the various ramps, bends and horizontal curved handrail section flowed flawlessly.
Faced with an extremely tight deadline, Haldane UK mobilised three of its inhouse installation teams to work round the clock 7 days per week to ensure the project was expertly installed on time and on budget – much to the delight of a very happy client who marvelled at the quality and commitment of our onsite teams.
Haldane UK’s extensive manufacturing capacity and the unique position of having all aspects of their solution carried out inhouse, including their own dedicated team of surveyors and installers, ensured the project was completed on time, despite the challenging deadlines.