Oak Handrail for Stairs for Office Development

Oak Handrail for Stairs
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Straight Oak Handrail

Haldane has manufactured, supplied and installed the oak handrails for stairs in a quayside commercial development on the West Coast of Scotland.

Normally associated with bespoke handrails for stairs and complex timber components, Haldane’s superior manufacturing capacity made them the most cost effective solution for the project.

Haldane manufactured over 60 metres of straight handrails using a 45mm diameter profile which featured a 20x5mm rebate to sit neatlyon the core rail.

And demonstrating that they deliver more than continuous handrail projects, Haldane ensured the mitred junctions were finished perfectly to the meticulous standards expected of a Haldane Timber Handrail.

The finishing touch to the staircase was the fantastic curved ends which drop to the floor and create a superb feature.

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