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Haldane is the most advanced provider of CNC timber machining services in the UK with unrivalled capacity and capability.

We offer a comprehensive range of machining services including

  • Bespoke CNC Machining
  • CNC Routering
  • Woodturning
  • Specialist Wooden Columns
  • Historic and Renovation Projects
  • Specialist Glazing Beads

Contact us now to discuss your timber machining requirements.

cnc timber machining services
Wooden Coluns Porch


Our expertise has been called upon to manufacture a wide range of wooden columns from decorative timber columns for shopping centres to wooden pillars for porches.

Our ability to turn solid timber columns and pilasters to a maximum of 1900mm in length and up to 500mm in diameter is unrivalled in the industry. This length represents the maximum length of an individual column section however this can be increased by joining sections or when complemented with collars and end blocks.

‘‘The way you guys helped us through getting our metalwork right was brilliant.

And from templating  to fitting was second to none, I loved the way your handrail sections glided straight onto the metalwork with no fuss ’’

Woodturning UK


Haldane Bespoke Woodturners can offer a service that is second to none, timber advice from some of the UK's most experienced timber experts and professional customer service.

Whether you are looking to replace or refurbish a one-off component, produce a range of individual items or undertake a full manufacturing run of timber components, we have the skills and manufacturing capabilities to deliver exactly what you require.


Haldane UK offers a unique and specialist service to recreate historic timber components for renovation and refurbishment projects.

Our expert CNC programming team will carry out full 3D scans of existing components before digitally recreating the original component to your specific requirements.

The component is then brought to life using our state of the art 5-axis CNC timber machining technology before our French polishing team achieve the perfect finish - so you would never know it had been replaced.

Having worked on projects such as Windsor Castle and numerous projects with organisations such as Historic Scotland, we have a reputation for quality, service and precision.

Historic Timber Specialists
Timber Advice

Timber Advice