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Timber Treads for Staircases

When it comes to manufacturing bespoke timber treads, Haldane UK’s unique ability to manufacture bespoke designs from any commercially available timber and to virtually any length or thickness.

So whether you are looking to fix your tread to a metal undercarriage or create the floating timber tread look with cantilevered steel bars or indeed, look to over clad an existing staircase, Haldane UK can manufacture your treads to unrivalled precision which will fit in even the tightest of spaces.

In line with Haldane's policy of only ever using Grade A timber, Haldane has developed a unique system for achieving the perfect combination of accuracy, finish and strength.

We can also incorporate anti-slip inserts, brass inserts and custom-designed features, such as bullnose and double bullnose treads.

Timber Treads Staircase

Bullnose Treads Create Maximum Impact

Bullnose treads can help to create a dramatic finish to your feature staircase by extending the bottom tread or treads and adding a curved design to one or both ends.

This has a simple but highly effective effect of widening the entrance to the staircase and can allow balustrades to facilitate a stunning volute to the handrail.

Double bullnose treads are often used to create grand staircases that provide the WOW factor

To discuss your project, contact our Bespoke Staircase Team now.

Open Treads Oak

Open vs Closed Treads

The difference between open and closed treads can have an enormous impact on your staircase.

Closed treads take the form of solid stringers which run up the full length of the staircase enclosing the treads and providing a smooth solid edge. This also provides a solid structure for the balustrades to be fixed.

Open treads on the other hand remove the stringer and let the treads run to the edge of the staircase allowing each individual tread to be visible - with the balustrading fixing directly into the treads.

Both approaches have their own merits and bring a distinctive style to your staircase.

Which do you prefer?

Spiral Timber Treads

Our specialist CNC timber machining capabilities enable us to manufacture and supply timber treads for virtually any size of spiral staircase and in any commercially available timber.

Our expert team can advise on the optimum design, thickness and specification to suit your project.

Contact our team now to discuss your requirements.

Spiral Timber Treads

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