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Timber Spindles and Balustrades

Haldane UK specialises in creating luxury bespoke staircases that incorporate custom-designed spindles and newel posts to complement the interior décor of the home.

Our specialist CNC machining capabilities and our woodturning expertise enables us to supply an unlimited range of traditional and contemporary designs including:

  • Barley Twists
  • Rope Twists
  • Reeding & Fluting
  • Stop Chamfered

All spindles are available to your specific sizes, however the most common sizes tend to be 41mm or 45mm section sizes and 900mm or 1100mm lengths.

Timber Balustrade Staircase

Metal Balustrades and Architectural Metalwork

Metal Balustrades can bring a fantastic contemporary style to your feature staircase and vary in style from the minimalist to the decadently decorative.

We have even been involved in a project where the movie star client wanted to incorporate the profile of their face into the balustrade - to marvellous effect.

And whilst we do not manufacture metal balustrades, we have established a large network of metalwork partners who share our values of quality and service.

If you are looking for a metal balustrade and handrail, we can certainly put you in touch with some of the UK's market leaders, however, where the project involves a timber staircase and timber handrails, we can deliver the entire project.

To discuss your project, contact our Bespoke Staircase Team now.

Supply Only Timber Handrails
Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrades for Staircases

Glass balustrading provides the quintessential contemporary finish to any staircase.

The use of glass as balustrading can either be in a panel format supported by metal or timber supports or as structural glass.

Either format can be completed with a timber handrail fitted straight onto the glass or the panel system can incorporate a core rail to support the handrail.

The glass can be supplied either clear or opaque and can be set off with lighting to create a unique finish.

If you are looking to incorporate glass balustrade into your feature staircase, contact our Bespoke Staircase team to discuss your requirements.

Timber Advice

Timber Advice