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When you picture your dream home, it will certainly have a stunning feature designer staircase. And whether it’s a grand fan tail staircase which flows effortlessly into your entrance hall or a contemporary spiral staircase that oozes quality, you will want it to make an impact.


“Why Settle for Boring Straight Staircases?”

We have dismissed the traditional post to post staircase concept which is relied upon by many stair companies and instead offer stunning staircases of every shape, design and level of complexity.

Their expertise and experience have shown how structural integrity can be maintained without having to use bulky newel posts.  This allows continuous flowing handrails and opens up a world of opportunities to architects and designers

A Haldane staircase features sweeping curved handrails, volutes, twists, curves and goosenecks.

Instead of the traditional 90° dog-leg staircases, we prefer to use a combination of spiral handrail, treads that twist and fantail and are finished with a beautiful wreathed volute.

Double flighted staircases, or wedding staircases as they are sometimes referred to, are one of the most dramatic staircase designs.

Fantail staircases provide a stunning impact with the staircase splaying out at the bottom of the staircase, almost inviting you up the stairs.

And where the staircase is positioned against a wall, the stair can be flared at one side to create a stunning feature.

Alternatively, a spiral staircase can not only provide a fantastic space-saving solution but can also be a stunning feature in any environment, especially when they incorporate timber treads, spindles and handrails.


Beautiful Balustrades

When it comes to staircase design, your choice of balustrades is critical in determining your overall style.

Timber offers so much flexibility in design whether its traditional turned to any shape or profile be it rope twists, barley twists or fluted. Or you could opt for a simple chamfered design that brings a contemporary feel.

Other materials such as metal balustrades or structural glass can also be used to great effect to create a magical contrast.


Choosing Your Staircase Materials

The choice of material plays a key factor in creating the overall style of the staircase. As timber specialists, Haldane can bring the unique warmth and natural feel that wood brings to a project.

The use of Oak and Ash can deliver a bright contemporary feel. Sapele and Cherry can be used to complement doors and flooring whilst American Black Walnut and African Wenge offers the ultimate in luxury.

And whilst we are one of the world’s leading specialists in timber machining, we have established a network of manufacturing partners that can deliver structural glass balustrading and architectural metalworking.

To discuss your designer staircase, contact us now or check out our gallery for further information.

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