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Bespoke Walnut Staircase for Luxury Property

Haldane UK has manufactured, supplied and installed this bespoke three-storey walnut staircase to create a stunning reception area in a luxury property in England.

Working directly with the owner of the property and liaising with their architect, Haldane UK brought the plans to life with a combination of walnut treads and handrails, tulip wood risers and stringers painted white, and a contemporary square mild steel balustrade finished in black.

The open space in the double-height entrance hall was accentuated with the fully polished open treads that turned through 360 degrees and finished perfectly with a double bull nose tread.

The elliptical walnut handrail sat atop the fully continuous core rail to provide a flawless finish with various twists, transitions and turns, culminating in wreathed volutes at the entrance to the staircase.

The client was delighted with the project, commenting, “we are both delighted with your work and everyone who visits the house loves it too.”

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Helical Staircase For Luxury Victorian Property

Haldane UK has manufactured a stunning helical staircase featuring solid timber treads, decorative metal balustrades and a bespoke timber handrail for the refurbishment of a luxury Victorian home in Edinburgh.

Manufactured from American White Oak, the staircase combines contemporary and traditional styling with the light timber, granite grey balustrades and curved open stringer with a large bull nose tread.

The bespoke 58mm x 56mm profile handrail spirals effortlessly up to the gallery area via a 90 degree raking to horizontal wreath and finishes perfectly with a volute.

The client was delighted with both the quality and service commenting “It’s been a pleasure working with you and your colleagues, and the staircase you have built for us is spectacular – truly wonderful!” 

Haldane also demonstrated their timber machining expertise by manufacturing and supplying a curved internal door to fit the curved wall below the staircase.

The curved door measured 1980mm high and 800 wide designed to follow the curved shape of the wall.

The flush door was manufacture from laminated paint grade timber and supplied primed, ready for finishing.

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Oak Staircase and Handrails

Haldane has manufactured and installed this stunning oak staircase featuring continuous bespoke oak handrails for stairs, open stringer and decorative metal balustrading for a luxury new home in Scotland.
The elegant fantail staircase is defined by the large bullnose treads which flare out at the foot of the staircase before sweeping up to the curved gallery area.
The profiled oak handrails sit on a metal core rail with decorative powder coated steel balustrades and are finished beautifully with wreathed volutes.
Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, “This is a fantastic example of our staircase manufacturing capability which combines metal and timber for a contemporary look and feel.”
He continued, “Our expertise in manufacturing and installing timber handrails is clearly demonstrated with the way the handrails has to twist and turn at the top of the staircase to flow perfectly onto the gallery area.”
Haldane UK is the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of oak handrails, balustrades and stair components with a reputation for delivering luxury handrails and staircases across the UK.
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Timber Handrail Profile
Whilst we can manufacture handrails in any shape or profile, we have pulled together a selection of our most popular handrail profiles to provide you with some inspiration for what you can achieve in your project. 

Whilst we can manufacture handrails in any shape or profile, we have pulled together a selection of our most popular handrail profiles to provide you with some inspiration for what you can achieve in your project. This particular handrail is number 23 on our selection of handrail profilesFor more information, click here.

Haldane UK: Specialist Manufacturer of Oak Handrails for Stairs

Haldane UK brings over 70 of experience in timber machining and woodturning. However, it has been at the forefront of the CNC timber machining sector for over 25 years, pioneering the use of 5 axis CNC technology with wood.

It now has no fewer than five 5 axis CNC machining centres with the traditional timber machining equipment.
Oak Handrails for Stairs | Bespoke Oak Staircase | Metal Balustrade with Oak Handrail

Luxury Staircase For Scottish Home

Haldane UK has manufactured this stunning luxury staircase for a home in Scotland – the third staircase of its kind they have manufactured for the family.

Manufactured from American White Oak and French polished on-site to achieve the Jacobean Oak finish specified by the client, the fantail staircase creates a grand entrance to the reception area.

The cut string staircase features 45mm timber spindles and a bespoke continuous timber handrail that flows effortlessly up the split stair section to form the atrium area.

The continuous handrail is delivered by Haldane’s state of the art CNC technology which delivers the perfect spiral handrail sections, wreath volutes and complex transitional whilst ensuring the profile is maintained perfectly.

To deliver the superior quality and silent step finish that is synonymous with a Haldane UK staircase, the staircase is manufactured from solid American oak with oak veneer used to deliver the perfect finish on the risers and aprons.

Haldane also ensured the Jacobean Oak finish was maintained throughout the home by French polishing all the timber finishes throughout the home, including skirtings, facing and doors.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, commented, “This is a real luxury staircase with the WOW factor and it was an absolute pleasure to be working with this customer again. Our ability to achieve stunning levels of quality, finish and service, combining innovation and traditional craftsmanship is what really sets us apart from other staircase manufacturers.”

He continued, “We are not resting on our laurels and we continue to invest in every aspect of our business from the skills of our team, to the technology we employ and the processes we use to ensure we continue to set the standards in the timber machining and bespoke staircase industry.”

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Luxury Feature Staircase Scotland

Haldane UK has demonstrated its expertise in manufacturing and installing complete staircases with this stunning fantail staircase in a luxurious Glasgow home.

Manufactured from American Cherry, the continuous spiral handrail is complemented with matching treads, risers and stringers and set off perfectly with contemporary mild steel spindles finished in black.

Haldane UK’s unique ability to machine complex timber components ensures the continuous handrail spirals effortlessly through transitions into the horizontal rail and forms the first floor atrium area.

Haldane also project managed the metalwork on the project, reinforcing its commitment to providing clients with a complete staircase solution and not simply the timber handrails.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “This is yet again another fantastic example of what Haldane UK can achieve in domestic stairs.  The warm, luxurious impact of American Cherry lifts the whole room and contrasts perfectly with the black mild steel spindles.

He continued, “Whilst we are very much focused on the timber side of things, we are more than happy to take on board the full staircase project, working with our strategic partners who can supply metalwork and structural glass.”

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Wooden Spiral Staircase

When it comes to the manufacture of a wooden spiral staircase, Haldane UK is widely recognised as the country’s market leader.

Our expertise and experience in using our unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and our state of the art CNC technology, delivers the perfect finish, whatever your design and whatever your choice of timber.

Check out this stunning example of how we enabled a luxury property developer to create a stunning feature spiral staircase.

Haldane UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a bespoke American white oak spiral staircase which rose through 2 flights for the refurbishment of a manse in Scotland.

Working with sketched drawings supplied by the client, Haldane developed a solution which enabled the spiral staircase to be virtually free standing from ground floor to second floor with only fixings to each of the landing sections.

The staircase featured 32mm solid oak treads measuring 1000mm, 170mm diameter solid oak spacer components and was designed to provide a 20mm clear space from the treads to the wall.

Haldane also manufactured and supplied 10.5 linear metres of 60x50mm elliptical spiral handrail which was fixed to the wall via brackets and finished with a bull nose end.

To ensure the project was delivered on time and in budget, Haldane worked closely with the architectural joinery contractor throughout, presenting CAD drawings, organising the required loading calculations and overseeing the installation.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, said “We have worked on countless bespoke spiral staircase projects through the UK however this was the first of its kind which was freestanding through 2 storeys and manufactured from solid timber.”

He continued, “So whilst we tend to work with finished architectural drawings, we were able to combine our skills with the client’s vision and take the project from concept to conclusion.”

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Wooden Spiral Staircase | Solid Oak Spiral Staircase | Manufacturer of Wooden Spiral Staircases

Stair Manufacturers Create Bespoke Oak Stair

Stair Manufacturers, Haldane UK, has manufactured and installed this stunning bespoke staircase in European Oak for a refurbished farmhouse in Perthshire Scotland.

The flared staircase features a sweeping profiled handrail that spirals up from the feature wreathed volute and flows seamlessly onto the atrium level.

Featuring timber spindles, oak bullnose treads, a cut stringer and a contoured closed stringer, the stunning staircase was manufactured off-site in the Haldane headquarters and then re-assembled on site with pinpoint accuracy for the perfect finish.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “Our ability to make almost anything possible in timber enables us to deliver exactly what clients and designers are looking to achieve with their staircase whether it’s in timber, glass or metal.”

Haldane demonstrated their expertise and experience in delivering luxury staircases by using a combination of 900mm and 1000mm spindles to ensure the smooth flowing handrail without any large jumps or the use of complex goosenecks components.

He continued, “Our ability to co-ordinate the entire staircase solution and advise on the optimum design of the staircase without having to compromise is a refreshing approach in today’s market. And as we manufacture all our Staircases in Scotland, we can provide even more value.”

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Haldane is one of the UK’s leading stair manufacturers in Scotland thanks to its unrivalled CNC capability, timber machining expertise and in-house installation teams.

Staircase London

Haldane UK has manufactured and installed this stunning 2 storey timber staircase in London.

Manufactured in American Black Walnut, the bespoke staircase features timber treads with an impressive bull nose tread, decorative metal balustrade and timber handrail.

The winding staircase twists through 90 degrees to the first floor with a feature atrium area before continuing seamlessly to the second floor.

The continuous handrail is achieved via complex timber handrail components to match the 80x58mm profile including raking to raking wreaths, ramps, bends and horizontal to raking wreaths, culminating in a feature volute to the bottom of the stair.

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