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Luxury Timber Handrail for London Home

Haldane UK has added its unique finishing touch to the transformation of a luxury residential property, which was led by the multi-award-winning, London and Prague-based Interior Architecture and Interior Design studio misch_MISCH.

One of the highlights of the stunning three-storey mews in Battersea is the feature helical staircase. Haldane UK was responsible for bringing the creative process to life by manufacturing and installing a continuous 70 x 40 elliptical handrail in Sapele, which was to be French polished to achieve a piano black finish in keeping with the interior design.

The handrail incorporated over 9 linear metres of bespoke continuous handrail, which required millimetre accuracy to sit perfectly on the slender black metal spindles.

The staircase also features sections of flat, curved handrail and straight handrail, as well as 180 degree wreathed bends to achieve the flawless continuous finish.

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All images Courtesy of misch_MISCH studio.

Timber Handrail Supply Only Specialists Delivers Another Major Project

Haldane UK has enabled one of the UK’s leading architectural joinery firms to deliver a major joinery package for a prestigious hospital project in London.

With over 270 linear metres of continuous timber handrails to manufacture and additional joinery works within the package, the company called upon Haldane UK to outsource the CNC machining of the handrail.

Haldane UK boasts the largest precision CNC timber machining capacity in the UK and works in partnership with a number of joinery and staircase companies to enable them to meet challenging projects, deadlines and complex components.

The project saw 270 linear metres of straight timber handrails with a 50mm diameter and some 165 turns and transition components.

The machined timber handrails and associated components were supplied fully dry jointed, labelled and clear installation drawings to enable the customers’ joinery teams to install on site.

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Handrails Edinburgh Usher Hall

Haldane UK has manufactured and installed almost 150 linear metres of its stunning Sapele handrails in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall for the stunning spiral staircase to the rear of the historic building.

Working in conjunction with Edwards Engineering who were the architectural metalworkers on the project, Haldane used its advanced digitising technology to measure and plot the exact flow of the core rail that the timber handrail would sit on.

And demonstrating that even a simple 45mm diameter can look stunning, Haldane precision manufactured the spiral and curved handrail to the rear staircase and its expert installation teams ensured a perfect finish that is worthy of a building with such a reputation.

Such was the quality of the works that Haldane was then appointed to manufacture and install the timber handrails and transition components to the entrance area.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “We have been delivering complex, continuous handrails since 1992 and have established unrivalled experience and knowledge in this area which enables us to take on any job with full confidence that we will be able to deliver on our promises.”

He continued, “It is one thing to have the survey equipment but the real skill involved is being able to take the information we produce from the digitiser and smooth out the inevitable bumps that metalwork can throw up at the programming and machining stages to prevent additional works on site.”

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Handrails Edinburgh Usher Hall | Timber Handrails Edinburgh

Spiral Timber Handrail For Listed Property

Haldane UK has demonstrated why it is the UK’s leading luxury timber handrail contractor by manufacturing, supplying and installing the bespoke profile handrails to sit atop metal balustrade for the refurbishment of a feature staircase in a Grade 2 listed country house.
Manufactured from American White Oak, the profile of the 71 x 55mm handrail was designed to reflect the traditional style that would have been featured in the 17th century property and French polished to achieve the smoked oak finish of the period.
The project saw Haldane manufacture over 35 linear metres of spiral with an additional 20 linear metres of flat curve and 5 metres of straight handrail with an end cap and ramp to finish as per the original design.
Bespoke components, such as transitions, 90 degree bends and return ends were designed and manufactured to ensure the perfect flow of the profile throughout the continuous handrail to the two storey feature stair.
Such was the quality of the finished handrail, Haldane were also commissioned to manufacture and install the timber handrails for other stairs in the properties as well as various balconies.
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Spiral Timber Handrail for Listed Property | Traditional Handrail for Listed Building | Timber Handrail

Haldane Delivers A Timber Machining Masterclass For London’s Most Exclusive Gym

Haldane UK has once again demonstrated its luxury timber machining expertise by delivering one of the most complex staircase cladding projects in its 75-year history for Equinox Gym in Bishopsgate, London.
Working in conjunction with Cre8 Joinery Solutions, one of the UK’s leading specialist joinery companies, Haldane UK were asked to carry out the timber cladding and bespoke handrail for the three-storey feature staircase.
The major challenge was the cladding of the metal balustrade, which uses finned sections of stainless steel that gradually change in angle from zero to ninety degrees.
This gives the impression of the balustrade opening and closing as you move up and down the stair.
While the cladding of the 850 finned sections was relatively straight forward, the change in the finned balustrade’s direction meant the base rail had to be designed and machined with a split section to fit together perfectly on-site and create a seamless finish.
This required all of Haldane’s expertise, from the precision 3D laser scanning from our inhouse survey team to the design expertise to create the optimum timber solution and components required.
Once the design proposal was approved, Haldane UK’s market leading accuracy and precision in timber machining were demonstrated to its full potential. 
Haldane was also responsible for manufacturing and installed over 120 linear metres of bespoke timber handrail capping to finish the three-story feature staircase to perfection as well as the base capping to the underside of the stair.
With a chunky 115mm x 70mm profile, the Haldane UK’s inhouse team carried out the full 3D survey of the metal balustrade to ensure its handrail fitted perfectly onto the metalwork and the various ramps, bends and horizontal curved handrail section flowed flawlessly.
Faced with an extremely tight deadline, Haldane UK mobilised three of its inhouse installation teams to work round the clock 7 days per week to ensure the project was expertly installed on time and on budget – much to the delight of a very happy client who marvelled at the quality and commitment of our onsite teams.
Haldane UK’s extensive manufacturing capacity and the unique position of having all aspects of their solution carried out inhouse, including their own dedicated team of surveyors and installers, ensured the project was completed on time, despite the challenging deadlines.

Bespoke Handrail For Sheffield Department Store

Haldane UK has completed the contract to manufacture and install a bespoke timber handrail for a 17,000 square feet boutique department store in Sheffield after completing the staircase for the owner’s home several years previous.

The handrail measured 75 x 45mm was manufactured from American White Oak and was designed specifically for to create “the wow factor” in the main entrance of the contemporary store.

Haldane had previously worked on the property developer’s luxury home where they installed a sweeping feature staircase and the gentleman was looking to create the same impact in the high-end store.

The continuous handrail features a wreathed volute and sweeps up the staircase perfectly on the metal balustrade and returns onto the main atrium area.

The handrail also included a number of 90 degree bends, ramps and transitions.

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Slim Handrail Profile For Prestigious Jewellers

Haldane UK have manufactured and installed these stunning slim handrail profiles in American Black Walnut for one of the UK’s leading jewellers.

Measuring 85mm by just 35mm in height, the handrails were designed to create a sleek, luxurious look that complemented its newly refurbished city centre store.

To accommodate the metalwork core rail, the handrail featured a 26mm x 10mm rebate which was designed to allow a sound mechanical fixing.

As part of the project, Haldane French polished the slim handrail to match the other fixtures and fittings in the store.

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DDA Compliant Handrails

Haldane has ensured a partially sighted pupil can safely enjoy school life by installing DDA compliant handrails to all stairways in a Scottish School.

Haldane manufactured and installed over 100 linear metres of 50 x 38mm oval handrails with a flat base to accommodate the 90mm accessibility brackets which positioned it 65mm from the wall.

To comply with the DDA regulations the handrails were also stained black to increase visibility against the pale walls and then coated with a hard lacquer for the level of protection required for a school.

To show the stair has reached a landing, the handrail flows into a horizontal at the landing before returning to the wall and to enable the pupil to know what to expect, the horizontal runs for 600mm at the top and only 300mm at the bottom.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “Our experience in installing DDA compliant handrails is second to none and thanks to our machining capability and our project management expertise, we were able to turn this around very quickly.”

He continued, “The nature of the project required us to machine the handrail and be on site within 10 days of order.”

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Haldane Secure Woodturning Contract For Hotel Redevelopment

Haldane’s expertise in specialist woodturning has been called upon to manufacture a range of components for a prestigious UK hotel for one of the world’s biggest names in the hotel industry.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director commented, “Our wood turning capability is one of the most advanced in the UK with a facility to turn components up to 500mm diameter and 1900mm in length.”

He continued, “However what makes our service truly unique is the experience of our craftsmen which enables us to take on virtually any project.”

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Barley Twist Table Legs

Haldane has demonstrated its expertise in woodturning with these tapered barley twist table legs for the fit out of a luxury perfumery.

The 700mm legs were manufactured in poplar and tapered from 110mm to 65mm with a stepped barley twist.

Haldane commissioned a custom made cutter to achieve such a deep cut into the timber and completed the design with a hand router.

The complex turnings were then hand sanded to provide the perfect finish that Haldane is renowned for.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, commented, “The depth of the cut coupled with the step made this barley twist project particularly complex, however, our experienced woodturners were more than capable of delivering the quality finish required for the client.”

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Barley Twist Table Legs | Woodturned Barley Twist Table Legs

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