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Main contractor: Bovis Europe

Architect: Eric Khune Associates; Benoy

Developer: Lend Lease Corporation

Quantity Surveyor: Cyril Sweett

The Bluewater Shopping Centre is the epitome of quality in its design and workmanship, and the bench mark to which all future developments, whatever their size, will be compared.

Developers, the Lend Lease Corporation were vehement on the high level of quality that should be presented, from the polished marble floors, to the sculptural balustrading, to the shop fronts and barrel-vaulted roofs.

Split into three malls, each carrying its own theme, Haldane UK, the market leader in specialist wood products, demonstrated its proficiency in the manufacturing and installation of the timber balustrading, cladding and specialist wood products, such as the eye-catching lamppost structures.

The spectacular wrought iron balustrades in the East Mall, entitled Rose Walk, are complemented with stunning maple handrails. The West Mall’s, boutique/West End feel is reflected in the 70mm American Cherry handrails with a stunning array of wreaths, ramps and spiral handrails.

The full extent of Haldane’s skills have been put to the test in the requirements for the South Mall, which contains a nautical theme and fitted out in American white oak.

The striking 120mm x 70mm handrail is only the start of the Haldane influence.

The timber cladding of steel balusters, the boat shaped staircases and the spectacular lamppost columns are the key features of the mall which takes precednce over all other in the centre oozing with quality and excellence.

  • Solution: Luxury Handrails, Wooden Columns
  • Sector: Commercial
  • Timber: American Cherry, American White Oak
Timber Advice

Timber Advice