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Haldane UK has manufactured and installed bespoke elliptical timber handrails measuring 70mm x 40mm which required two different profiles for a helical staircase in a luxury home.

Working closely with the owner of the property, who owns a major construction company, Haldane manufactured the handrail in American Black Walnut to complement the decorative metal balustrade.

All of Haldane UK’s 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing complex timber handrail projects was called upon to ensure the continuous handrail flowed seamlessly up the staircase.

The bespoke metalwork used a combination of box bar and diameter bar sections to achieve the design which meant a subtle change to the profile of the handrail as it rose through the staircase varying from an elliptical to more of an oval.

The project features 4 metres of spiral handrail plus an additional 4 metres of horizontal curve along the atrium area together with associated flat bends and transitions.

One of the key features of the staircase is the wreathed full drop ends to the ground floor and first floors to create a fantastic finish.

And to ensure the perfect finish, the client appointed Haldane UK’s expert installation team which delivered the project in a matter of days.

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  • Solution: Luxury Handrails
  • Sector: Residential
  • Staircase Type: Helical
  • Timber: American Black Walnut
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Timber Advice