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Handrails Edinburgh Usher Hall

Haldane UK has manufactured and installed almost 150 linear metres of its stunning Sapele handrails in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall for the stunning spiral staircase to the rear of the historic building.

Working in conjunction with Edwards Engineering who were the architectural metalworkers on the project, Haldane used its advanced digitising technology to measure and plot the exact flow of the core rail that the timber handrail would sit on.

And demonstrating that even a simple 45mm diameter can look stunning, Haldane precision manufactured the spiral and curved handrail to the rear staircase and its expert installation teams ensured a perfect finish that is worthy of a building with such a reputation.

Such was the quality of the works that Haldane was then appointed to manufacture and install the timber handrails and transition components to the entrance area.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “We have been delivering complex, continuous handrails since 1992 and have established unrivalled experience and knowledge in this area which enables us to take on any job with full confidence that we will be able to deliver on our promises.”

He continued, “It is one thing to have the survey equipment but the real skill involved is being able to take the information we produce from the digitiser and smooth out the inevitable bumps that metalwork can throw up at the programming and machining stages to prevent additional works on site.”

For more information on Haldane’s expertise in manufacturing and installing luxury handrails, contact our team on 01592 775656 or download the latest handrail brochure.

Handrails Edinburgh Usher Hall | Timber Handrails Edinburgh

Handrails For Spiral Staircase London

Haldane UK has demonstrated its project management prowess with this bespoke staircase in a stunning refurbishment of a farm in Hertfordshire.

The stunning spiral staircase makes a dramatic impact on the entrance hall and the continuous American Black Walnut handrails flow effortless to the first-floor gallery area through Haldane UK’s trademark transitions.

The elegantly profiled handrails are mounted on a metalwork core-rail with alternating designs of sculpted mild steel spindles upon a stone structure.

And with a Haldane UK staircase, you can be assured that no detail is overlooked. The staircase is finished off in style with a mesmerising wreathed volute that epitomises the superb quality of a Haldane staircase.

Haldane UK ‘s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, said “Haldane’s manufacturing expertise has been setting new boundaries for timber machining for the last 30 years. However we have also established an enviable reputation for the project management of complete staircase solutions where we look after the metalwork package as well as the timber handrails.”

Forrester added “Haldane stair components are growing to become a widely recognised and highly desirable brand in the UK housing market and as a result of unrelenting consumer demand we are delighted to be extending our services to offer complete staircase solutions.”

For more information on Haldane’s bespoke staircase management services contact us or call 01592 775656.

Luxury Handrails London

Haldane UK has completed a major spiral handrail project in London’s trendy Campden Hill area.

Haldane was contracted to manufacture and install stunning American cherry handrails to the five story luxury town houses which are being valued over £6-7 million each with one house in phase 2 already reserved for a price of £12million.

Each of the homes feature elegant staircases with stainless steel balustrades to the lower ground and first floors and then flow seamlessly into a spiral staircase which provides access to the remaining upper floors.

The smooth flow of the handrail is achieved by a combination of raking wreaths, 90°bends and ramp components manufactured with Haldane’s unrivalled machining skills which achieve accuracies of up to 4/1000 of an inch.

For that finishing touch the stair case features profiled ends which are machined to ensure the luxury feel is maintained.

The houses also feature a rear staircase from the first floor terrace to the pool area on the lower ground, however, as you would expect in such luxury homes, the handrails feature 40mm diameter European Oak with stunning swan necks and ramps.

Managing Director, Forrester Adam, said “We particularly enjoy working on these types of contracts where luxury is the key ingredient that pervades throughout the home and the attention to detail is of prime importance. From the type of timber featured through to the intricate components in both the feature and rear staircases, no expense has been spared.”

For more information on Haldane’s expertise in manufacturing and installing luxury handrails, contact our sales team on 01592 775656 or download the latest handrail brochure.

Wooden Spiral Staircase

When it comes to the manufacture of a wooden spiral staircase, Haldane UK is widely recognised as the country’s market leader.

Our expertise and experience in using our unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and our state of the art CNC technology, delivers the perfect finish, whatever your design and whatever your choice of timber.

Check out this stunning example of how we enabled a luxury property developer to create a stunning feature spiral staircase.

Haldane UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a bespoke American white oak spiral staircase which rose through 2 flights for the refurbishment of a manse in Scotland.

Working with sketched drawings supplied by the client, Haldane developed a solution which enabled the spiral staircase to be virtually free standing from ground floor to second floor with only fixings to each of the landing sections.

The staircase featured 32mm solid oak treads measuring 1000mm, 170mm diameter solid oak spacer components and was designed to provide a 20mm clear space from the treads to the wall.

Haldane also manufactured and supplied 10.5 linear metres of 60x50mm elliptical spiral handrail which was fixed to the wall via brackets and finished with a bull nose end.

To ensure the project was delivered on time and in budget, Haldane worked closely with the architectural joinery contractor throughout, presenting CAD drawings, organising the required loading calculations and overseeing the installation.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, said “We have worked on countless bespoke spiral staircase projects through the UK however this was the first of its kind which was freestanding through 2 storeys and manufactured from solid timber.”

He continued, “So whilst we tend to work with finished architectural drawings, we were able to combine our skills with the client’s vision and take the project from concept to conclusion.”

To discuss your bespoke timber spiral staircase, contact us now.

Wooden Spiral Staircase | Solid Oak Spiral Staircase | Manufacturer of Wooden Spiral Staircases

Spiral Handrail For Mayfair Town House

Haldane has added the perfect finishing touch to an opulent 5 storey town house in London by manufacturing and installing bespoke spiral handrail which was French polished to provide a luxurious ebonized finish.

No expense was spared to deliver the feature staircase with exclusive Italian Marble, bespoke mild steel metalwork with custom paint, the use of Wenge, one of the most expensive commercially available timbers and a stunning chandelier centrepiece.

Haldane worked in conjunction with Elite Metalcraft who were commissioned to deliver the staircase.

Elite manufactured the superb decorative mild steel balustrade which sat upon polished Italian marble tread and risers.

Haldane then used its digital survey technology to create an exact 3D replication of the metalwork to enable it to manufacture over 30 linear metres of spiral and curved handrails and associated transition components.  

The staircase also featured custom volutes at each landing to provide a fantastic unique feature.

Spiral Timber Handrail For Listed Property

Haldane UK has demonstrated why it is the UK’s leading luxury timber handrail contractor by manufacturing, supplying and installing the bespoke profile handrails to sit atop metal balustrade for the refurbishment of a feature staircase in a Grade 2 listed country house.
Manufactured from American White Oak, the profile of the 71 x 55mm handrail was designed to reflect the traditional style that would have been featured in the 17th century property and French polished to achieve the smoked oak finish of the period.
The project saw Haldane manufacture over 35 linear metres of spiral with an additional 20 linear metres of flat curve and 5 metres of straight handrail with an end cap and ramp to finish as per the original design.
Bespoke components, such as transitions, 90 degree bends and return ends were designed and manufactured to ensure the perfect flow of the profile throughout the continuous handrail to the two storey feature stair.
Such was the quality of the finished handrail, Haldane were also commissioned to manufacture and install the timber handrails for other stairs in the properties as well as various balconies.
To find out more about our bespoke handrail solution visit https://www.haldaneuk.com/bespoke-timber-handrails-stairs
Spiral Timber Handrail for Listed Property | Traditional Handrail for Listed Building | Timber Handrail

Wooden Stair Treads for Major UK Contract

Haldane UK has demonstrated their experience in manufacturing and installing wooden stair treads with its latest project which required them to machine over 100 treads featuring acid aged brass inserts and an anti-slip coating system.

Haldane used their timber machining expertise and their 5 axis CNC technology to create 24 No 28mm winder treads in European Oak measuring 1107mm long and 700 mm at their widest point.

The staircase also featured 84 No standard treads measuring 1107mm x 250mm.

All of the treads were treated with the Enduro XLA anti-slip coating system and featured 3 strips of 3 mm brass which had been acid aged to provide a contrast against the oak timber as well as to prevent slipping on the stairs.

Haldane also machined out 2 locator channels to the bottom of the tread to sit perfectly on the metalwork and provide added protection from any movement on the tread.

Click here to find out more about our wooden stair treads solutions or contact us now to discuss your project.

Spiral Stair Oak Handrail

Haldane UK has added the finishing touch to a spiral staircase in a luxury property in Aberdeen by installing a stunning 50mm diameter American White Oak handrail on to structural glass balustrade.

As part of the project, Haldane manufactured and installed over 10 linear metres of handrail to create the tight internal and sweeping external spirals.

The handrail twists perfectly up the staircase and flows onto the atrium area with horizontal curved handrail.

With budgets tight on the project, Haldane mitred the corners of the handrails to absolute precision to create the effect of a continuous handrail.

Haldane UK also ensured the handrail matched the timber treads thanks to their expert French Polisher who meticulously polished the handrail to ensure a flawless finish.

Click here to find out more about our bespoke timber handrails solutions or contact us now to discuss your project.

Bespoke Oak Handrails

Haldane UK has demonstrated its market-leading lead times for timber handrails by manufacturing and supplying Bespoke European Oak handrails for the opening of a major retail store within one week.
Working closely with the main contractor who was experiencing delays with the metalwork, Haldane was able to quickly respond to the site availability thanks to their in-house survey team and the extensive manufacturing capacity at their disposal thanks to their 5No CNC machines.
After receiving a call on the Friday to say the metalwork was ready, Haldane UK’s survey team were on-site at 9 am on the Monday morning to produce digital 3D models of the core rail with pinpoint accuracy and ensure any slight deviations could be accommodated by the timber handrail.
Haldane UK’s delivery team returned the following Tuesday (due to the bank holiday Monday), having manufactured 13 linear metres of straight handrail, 12 linear metres of spiral handrail, 2.5 linear metres of horizontal curve together with various transitions, ramps and bends.
And with all components dry jointed offsite, the entire handrail was able to be installed by the main contractor’s joiner together with a labourer in less than one day.
Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained, “We understand things don’t always go to plan, but deadlines cannot be moved. So when a major retail store was opening the following week and issues with metalwork delayed the staircase project, we were able to help.” 
He continued, “Our investment in an additional 2No 5 axis CNC machines has transformed our capacity enabling us to comfortably quote lead times of 3-4 weeks whilst still being able to respond to the odd one or two urgent projects.”
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