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Spiral Basement Handrail

Haldane UK  has answered the call of a main contractor by replacing the timber basement handrail to the spiral staircase in a new multi-million pound Scottish mansion.

Haldane received a phone call on a Friday evening from the main contractor’s Project Manager who was appalled at the quality of the handrail their existing suppliers had fitted.

With a proud reputation for delivering superior quality and an uncompromising approach to defects, the main contractor quickly addressed the problem and called in Haldane UK.

Instead of a smooth flowing continuous handrail which was machined to fit the sweeping core rail of the metalwork, the handrail had been machined with a small curve and then forced into position using fixings to create the spiral. This was causing balusters to buckle due to the pressure being placed on them.

And when you spend a few million pounds on building a luxury home, you expect every aspect of the property to be absolutely perfect.

Thanks to the swift, decisive action of the Project Manager, Haldane were on site first thing on the Monday morning to measure up. Within 9 days Haldane had completed the machining and installation of 16 linear metres of solid ash handrails, 10 linear metres of straight handrail and 6 linear metres of horizontal curves.

The luxury home is the third contract in 6 weeks that Haldane has been asked to correct sub-standard handrails and Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, is becoming concerned at the growing number of poor installations they are coming across.

He explained “Unfortunately too many contractors claim to be able to machine complex spiral and helical handrails at budget costs. But when it comes to the crunch, they deliver inferior solutions that simply do not come up to scratch and cause major headaches at these critical final stages of the build.”

He continued, “The fact of the matter is that unless you hand carve individual components which can be a long and unpredictable process, you need a 5 axis CNC machine to be able to produce spiral handrail – especially the transitions which can be extremely complex.”

Haldane has developed a reputation as the UK’s market leader for continuous handrails and supplies a large number of specialist spiral stair companies across the country who have come to rely upon the quality of products and service they deliver.

Forrester concluded, “As handrails are often one the last items to be fitted, there is a huge risk in opting for what may seem to be a cheaper option only to find that the whole project is compromised with sub-standard handrails. All too often the main contractor incurs penalties for missed deadlines and faces the wrath of the client.”

To find out more about the quality of service and their full contract portfolio visit www.haldaneuk.com or contact their sales team on 01592 775656.

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Haldane Delivers A Timber Machining Masterclass For London’s Most Exclusive Gym

Haldane UK has once again demonstrated its luxury timber machining expertise by delivering one of the most complex staircase cladding projects in its 75-year history for Equinox Gym in Bishopsgate, London.
Working in conjunction with Cre8 Joinery Solutions, one of the UK’s leading specialist joinery companies, Haldane UK were asked to carry out the timber cladding and bespoke handrail for the three-storey feature staircase.
The major challenge was the cladding of the metal balustrade, which uses finned sections of stainless steel that gradually change in angle from zero to ninety degrees.
This gives the impression of the balustrade opening and closing as you move up and down the stair.
While the cladding of the 850 finned sections was relatively straight forward, the change in the finned balustrade’s direction meant the base rail had to be designed and machined with a split section to fit together perfectly on-site and create a seamless finish.
This required all of Haldane’s expertise, from the precision 3D laser scanning from our inhouse survey team to the design expertise to create the optimum timber solution and components required.
Once the design proposal was approved, Haldane UK’s market leading accuracy and precision in timber machining were demonstrated to its full potential. 
Haldane was also responsible for manufacturing and installed over 120 linear metres of bespoke timber handrail capping to finish the three-story feature staircase to perfection as well as the base capping to the underside of the stair.
With a chunky 115mm x 70mm profile, the Haldane UK’s inhouse team carried out the full 3D survey of the metal balustrade to ensure its handrail fitted perfectly onto the metalwork and the various ramps, bends and horizontal curved handrail section flowed flawlessly.
Faced with an extremely tight deadline, Haldane UK mobilised three of its inhouse installation teams to work round the clock 7 days per week to ensure the project was expertly installed on time and on budget – much to the delight of a very happy client who marvelled at the quality and commitment of our onsite teams.
Haldane UK’s extensive manufacturing capacity and the unique position of having all aspects of their solution carried out inhouse, including their own dedicated team of surveyors and installers, ensured the project was completed on time, despite the challenging deadlines.

Ash Handrails Like Never Before

Haldane UK‘s revolutionary approach to timber handrails has demonstrated it remains at the forefront of the timber machining sector with its latest project at a luxury Scottish home where it was able to significantly reduce the installation time with 100% precision.

Haldane manufactured and installed an 85mm x 40mm handrail with 200mm timber capping, manufactured from ash and stained to create a stunning silver finish.

Haldane UK used its state of the art laser technology to survey the project, quite literally with pinpoint accuracy, enabling the handrails section to me recreated in stunning 3D before being programmed and machined.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “We have transformed our survey process to provide a new level of accuracy which allows the handrail to be machined and dry jointed prior to despatch.”

With all sections of the handrail assembled, tested and then dismantled for despatch to site, the installation was made simple and indeed reduced the physical time on site by 50%.

He continued, “Whilst we have always offered a dry jointing service, the surveying technology combined with our 3D modelling software and machining skills produced the most advanced level of precision joinery we have ever delivered. This was demonstrated perfectly in this project where every single component and handrail section slotted into place effortlessly.”

The new survey technology also offers a number of design and production benefits which is allowing Haldane UK to step up production of its handrails for supply only clients and with its full service supply and fit solution.

Forrester concluded, “With 20 years of CNC machining experience, we have continually improved our quality and service to iron out all the issues in the process from survey through to installation. This latest investment in laser surveying technology and the new drawing software will take the company and indeed the manufacture and supply of timber handrails to another level.

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