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Luxury Timber Handrails Provide Perfect Finish For Flair Stairs

Haldane UK has manufactured and supplied these stunning elliptical oak handrails to one of the UK’s leading bespoke staircase specialists, Flair Stairs.

The project saw Haldane carry out a full 3D digital survey of the two-storey bespoke staircase featuring decorative metal balustrades and timber treads manufactured and installed by the Flair Stairs team.

With the digital model providing pinpoint accuracy right down to the weld marks on the balustrade, Haldane UK was able to manufacture the perfect-fit timber handrails, ready for the Flair Stairs team to install onsite to achieve a flawless finish.

The staircase features a stunning subtle curve to give a beautiful bespoke shape through the two storeys before finishing with a luxurious, wreathed volute.

To ensure the handrail flows effortlessly down the stair, Haldane designed, programmed and manufactured the complex transitions and bends, which were dry-jointed where possible to assist with the onsite installation.

The end result is this stunning feature staircase that would provide the wow-factor to any luxury property.

For more information on Haldane UK’s supply-only timber handrail solutions for staircase companies and architectural joinery companies, head to www.haldaneuk.com.

Timber Handrail Supply Only Specialists Delivers Another Major Project

Haldane UK has enabled one of the UK’s leading architectural joinery firms to deliver a major joinery package for a prestigious hospital project in London.

With over 270 linear metres of continuous timber handrails to manufacture and additional joinery works within the package, the company called upon Haldane UK to outsource the CNC machining of the handrail.

Haldane UK boasts the largest precision CNC timber machining capacity in the UK and works in partnership with a number of joinery and staircase companies to enable them to meet challenging projects, deadlines and complex components.

The project saw 270 linear metres of straight timber handrails with a 50mm diameter and some 165 turns and transition components.

The machined timber handrails and associated components were supplied fully dry jointed, labelled and clear installation drawings to enable the customers’ joinery teams to install on site.

For more information on our timber handrail supply only solutions, visit https://haldaneuk.com/timber-handrail-manufacturer/

Handrail Installers Masterclass from Haldane UK

Haldane UK has shown why it is the marketing leader for luxury timber handrails with a masterclass in handrail installation by installing and polishing over 400 linear metres in just four days.

Working with a leading metalworker on a major college project in London, Haldane UK, was presented with an incredibly challenging deadline for machining and installing the 50mm diameter handrails in European Oak to 5 staircases and four large atrium areas.

However, with over 30 years of experience and successfully completed over 10,000 handrail installation projects, Haldane UK were able to develop a rapid install programme to meet the deadlines.

After carrying out full 3D scanning of the installed glass balustrade, Haldane was able to manufacture, dry joint and pre-finish the European Oak handrail off-site to minimise the installation period.

And thanks to Haldane being one of the few handrail manufacturers with their own in-house teams of highly experienced Handrail Installers, the project was finished in just four days onsite.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained, “We know the timber handrails are always one of the last elements to reach site to minimise potential damage. However, slippages in the programme are almost inevitable. With virtually no movement on deadlines, we often find ourselves in the position where we need to install a large volume of handrails in incredibly short periods of time.”

He continued, “Depending on the type of project and the complexity of the handrail profile, transitions and finish, not to mention availability, we can often complete significant elements of the installation offsite. However, one of our main secret weapons is our in-house installation teams that take enormous pride in exceeding expectations in virtually every project.”



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Stunning Handrail Drop End Creates Fabulous Feature to Staircase

Haldane UK has showcased its market-leading expertise in manufacturing bespoke handrail components to transform a staircase with its latest project, which features a stunning timber handrail drop end to add the wow factor.

The supply-only project saw Haldane UK work closely with one of Scotland’s leading specialist joinery companies, who had manufactured the staircase and balustrades but were looking for absolute precision when it came to the timber handrail.

The client was looking to avoid using a newel post at the foot of the stair and had designed an alternative approach where the handrail turns slightly and then drops to the floor, creating a real feature to the straight flight of stairs.

Haldane used its 5-axis CNC expertise to machine the elliptical handrail, which flows perfectly through the landing and down the staircase with a wreath drop end to finish.

The European Oak handrail was pre-drilled by Haldane UK to accommodate 32mm diameter spindles and dry jointed prior to despatch to make the installation as quick and as simple as possible.

Haldane UK was also asked to manufacture and supply the complementary base rail with pre-drilled holes along with the corresponding 90-degree flat bends.

Click here for more information on Haldane UK’s supply-only handrails solutions including how to create a timber handrail drop end.

Stunning Oak Handrail For Top Scottish Architect

Haldane UK has manufactured and supplied its luxury timber handrails for the stunning Edinburgh home of one of award winning architect, Lorn Macneal. 

The project required Haldane UK to manufacture over 28 linear metres of 45mm circular handrail manufactured from FSC accredited European Oak.

Haldane UK’s expertise in 3 dimensional CNC machining was demonstrated by manufacturing the bends and complex transitions on solid pieces to achieve a truly continuous handrail to befit the contemporary interior design. 

To ensure the handrail sat perfectly atop the structural glass balustrading, Haldane precision manufactured a 20mm x 15mm rebate to all pieces, including the ramps, bends and precision.

Initially a little unsure about the costs of opting for switching from the traditional straights and mitres approach, Lorn was delighted with the final outcome, commenting:

“I bit the bullet and went for it rather than using sawn mitres joints. Thank goodness my impulses towards thrift were quelled as the result is brilliant. Thank you so much”

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “Whilst we tend to be associated with complex handrail profiles and components, our expertise in delivering continuous diameter handrail is unrivalled and cost effective.”

The finished project speaks for itself and demonstrates the true impact of continuous handrails.

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Stair Manufacturers Create Bespoke Oak Stair

Stair Manufacturers, Haldane UK, has manufactured and installed this stunning bespoke staircase in European Oak for a refurbished farmhouse in Perthshire Scotland.

The flared staircase features a sweeping profiled handrail that spirals up from the feature wreathed volute and flows seamlessly onto the atrium level.

Featuring timber spindles, oak bullnose treads, a cut stringer and a contoured closed stringer, the stunning staircase was manufactured off-site in the Haldane headquarters and then re-assembled on site with pinpoint accuracy for the perfect finish.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “Our ability to make almost anything possible in timber enables us to deliver exactly what clients and designers are looking to achieve with their staircase whether it’s in timber, glass or metal.”

Haldane demonstrated their expertise and experience in delivering luxury staircases by using a combination of 900mm and 1000mm spindles to ensure the smooth flowing handrail without any large jumps or the use of complex goosenecks components.

He continued, “Our ability to co-ordinate the entire staircase solution and advise on the optimum design of the staircase without having to compromise is a refreshing approach in today’s market. And as we manufacture all our Staircases in Scotland, we can provide even more value.”

Click here to find out more about Haldane UK’s stair manufacturing expertise or contact us now to discuss your luxury stair project.

Haldane is one of the UK’s leading stair manufacturers in Scotland thanks to its unrivalled CNC capability, timber machining expertise and in-house installation teams.

Oak Handrail For Barn Conversion

Haldane has played a key role in the transformation of a barn conversion by manufacturing and installing European Oak Handrail to 3 stairs including the main feature staircase of the conservation project.

The project saw Haldane manufacture and install over 35 linear metres of 60mm diameter handrails in European Oak plus associated transitions, goosenecks and ramps to create a stunning example of continuous handrail.

Working with the specialist conservation architect, Haldane also recommended changing the drop ends to rams horns to deliver a finished handrail that met the overall look of the project.

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Haldane Helical Handrails Shortlisted For Sustain Awards

Haldane UK has manufactured the helical handrails for this stunning helical staircase project in South Oxfordshire in conjunction with architectural joinery firm Gary Curnick Joinery which has been shortlisted in the Sustain magazine awards.

Haldane worked closely with Gary Curnick Joinery throughout the project, manufacturing the bespoke timber balustrade and the sweeping continuous handrail, all supplied in European Oak with a lime finish.

Haldane Install Oak Handrails At Stirling Castle

Haldane UK has completed the manufacture and installation of the oak handrail to the staircase as part of the refurbishment of the Prince’s Tower at Stirling Castle.

The 55mm diameter handrail was manufactured from American White Oak and rebated to sit proudly on the structural glazed balustrades to create an impressive entrance into the new exhibition area.

The project involved straight handrails, horizontal curve and spiral handrails which were then mitred and French polished on site to Haldane UK’s superior standard.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, Forrester Adam, explained “We were delighted to secure this contract and add Stirling Castle to our growing portfolio of historic buildings.”

He continued, “Unlike many refurbishment projects, the aim was to create a contemporary feel whilst on a very tight budget. By using diameter profiled handrail that was mitred as opposed to having continuous transitions, we were able to deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.”

To find out more visit www.haldaneuk.com or contact their sales team on 01592 775656.

Oak Spindles and Handrail For Fantail Staircase

Haldane UK has added a touch of grandeur to a luxury Essex home with the completion of this superb fantail European Oak staircase featuring 70mm bespoke spindles and a profiled handrail measuring 100 x 75mm.

Working in conjunction with Gary Curnick Joinery, Haldane UK manufactured the spindles, newel posts and profiled handrails to create the fabulous feature staircase and balcony area.

Haldane created a bespoke spindle based on a sketch provided by the client and these were complemented with matching 150mm newel posts.

Haldane UK’s Managing Director, “We are seeing a growing number of enquiries from clients who are opting for a chunkier design to their stair components and we are now manufacturing ex 75mm spindles on a much more regular basis.”

He continued, “As we manufacture all our spindles on a traditional lathe, operated by highly skilled craftsmen, we can easily accommodate these larger profiles and bespoke designs. In fact, we receive a large number of enquiries from people who want new spindles to match an existing design – for a replacement or to restore the staircase to its formal grandeur.”

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